White label crypto exchange

Basic module “Token line” provides an opportunity to create crypto exchange and other turn-key projects for this theme, to create own blockchain, the possibility of personalization and more. The use of own inventions and advanced technology make this product one of the most interesting for market.

The product consists of microservices. It allows the customer not to overpay for unnecessary functionality, or the opposite, to be able to add the basic module in the future.

Architecture: OOP, Client/Server, Web Server/Application, SOA, SaaS, IaaS, Microservices, Headless, API First, websocket, SOAP, REST, PWA

Technology stack: SpringBoot, Hibernate,  Django, ElasticStack(ELK), ElasticSearch, Solar, Rabbit MQ, Redis, spine, sphinx, SQLAlchemy, alembic, psycopg2, libpq-dev,  Flutter, ReactNative, PostgreSQL,  MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Jenkins, Docker, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, Nginx

Major programming languages: Java, Python , NodeJS, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript,  ReactJS, Angular, Vue, SQL, Transact SQL, GraphQL,Bash