‘Bursar’ is a service that broadcasts changes in foreign currency exchange rates with the fixing of a favorable foreign currency exchange rate. Monitoring is done in online mode, accessed from any device with internet access. Simple and clear interface. Learning to work with the service takes less than 1 minute, that’s why the solution is suitable for clients of any level of professional preparation. Client is aware of the latest quotes, and also client can set the rate he wants (order), and bank agrees with the rate or not. The platform contains built-in services to facilitate the work of the bank (embedded advertising, group analysis, remote or restricted access), so managers working “in the fields” right in the meeting can demonstrate the site and compare rates of their own and other banks.

By choosing the Bursar service you increase cross-selling of the bank, increase the volume of your BIG Data.

The convenience and simplicity of the platform can also be used in other areas of business-client interaction, details are always available from our manager.