ShopBOX is a solution for quick launching your own online shop, combining the functionality of both a website and a PWA-application (Progressive Web Application), giving it the capability as a mobile application.

ShopBOX is specifically designed for the SME segment, targeting b2c sales. This application can be used in a variety of business areas:

  • cafes and restaurants
  • pet shops
  • beauty shops
  • grocery shops
  • toy and children’s goods shops
  • home improvement shops
  • souvenir shops
  • fishing shops
  • virtual and download shops
  • and many other industries that deal directly with the customer!

Moreover, ShopBOX can be used not only for selling “piece goods” (measured in pieces, boxes, cartons, etc.), but also for selling by weight (candy by weight, meat, pet food by weight, moth by weight, tea by weight) and piece/weight goods (cutlets by piece, sausage, oranges, apples, dog treats), which is adjusted during its setup for your specific business.

In addition, ShopBOX has the following features:

  • support for working with variation products (e.g. shampoo in 300/500/700g bottles)
  • the ability to choose add-ons for your main product (e.g. extra cheese or sauce for a burger)
  • different options for delivering goods to the customer (self-delivery, courier delivery, postal delivery)
  • separation of user roles (shop administrator, content manager, merchant) with different levels of access to the administrative part of the shop
  • adapted interface of the administrative part, which does not require special skills to manage
  • ability to connect Visa/Master Card payment systems, or other methods of payment that involve API integration