ONE.APP Pawnshop and leasing

A multifunctional ONE.APP for working with customers. Leasing, pawnshops, banks and other organizations, full integration with 1C, creation of standard roles, cashier and merchandise management and much more.

The basic module allows you to close a number of important tasks and reduce costs.

Advanced module allows you to create a complete working environment including internal CRM system, reporting systems, advanced integration with 1C and much more.

Application technology stack:

  • Development methodology – Agile, Scrum
  • Platforms – Web
  • Architecture – Microservices, Headless, API First
  • Technologies and frameworks – Akka, Springboot, ElastichSearch, Kafka, Hystrix, ElasticStack (ELK), Hibernate
  • Front-End Framework – React, TypeScript
  • Back-End Languages – Java
  • Database – mongoDB
  • CI/CD – Docker, EFK (Kubernetes), Loki
  • Infrastructure/Tools – Jenkins, JIRA/Confluence, Gitlab, Charles, Fiddler, Postman