Finup is an online marketplace where people invest in financial assets (bonds, shares and other assets) of private companies. Transactions are made using the services of a professional securities market participant, guaranteeing transaction transparency. As the service develops, there are plans to create a financial marketplace, through which legal instruments of the stock and financial-banking market of the Republic of Belarus will be available. The unified platform created makes it easier for companies to access capital and for investors to generate additional income. The platform will be further developed through the creation of mobile applications and further functionality expansion, including direct integration with stock exchange trading using FIX/FAST protocols.

LLC FINAP24 is the first mobile broker and depositary in the Republic of Belarus.

Application technology stack:

  • Development methodology – Agile, Scrum
  • Platforms – Web, iOS, Android
  • Architecture – Microservices, Headless, API First
  • Technologies and frameworks – Kotlin, Django, ElastichSearch
  • Application Servers – Apache, nginx
  • Front End Framework – Flutter
  • Back End Languages – Java, Python
  • Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • CI/CD – Docker, Kubernetes