DoLook Menu

DoLook Menu is a software solution for creating your own on-screen menu for a cafe or small shop. If it is necessary, it can be adapted for use on tablets and other touch-devices so that orders can be placed directly from this menu.

However, the number of stores or devices using this solution is not crucial: in DoLook, any number of shops can be registered with independent menus and access can be restricted to individual shop administrators, or devices can be separated, thus providing independent analytics for each shop or device.

The product has already been tested and works on an existing business, which is provided with all the necessary functionality:

  • It runs on a browser, requires no installation as an app
  • Creation of any number of Stores/Sales outlets
  • Ability to create a common list of products for all Stores
  • Ability to select products from existing outlets and customize them for your Store.
  • Unlimited number of user administrators
  • Editing access restrictions for each user
  • Flexible adjustment of number of rows and columns to be displayed depending on screen characteristics
  • Ability to show “Promotions”/”Discounts” labels (colour chosen by admin for each specific item)

Also, when implemented, DoLook can be adapted to specific business tasks.