Our team works with L’Etoile

We know how to work with major corporate clients, marketplaces, networks, online and offline business. We know different work methodologies in view of various customer segment. Do you need your own erp system or CRM, site or applications on any platform and any complexity? This is for us! L’Etoile company is one of our customers.

L’Etoile is a leader of perfumery and cosmetics industry in Russia. For 25 years the company has been pleasing customers with the best service and the best range, professional recommendations and expert approach. L’Etoile network is 1000 shops from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Every from it is a comfortable space for exciting beauty-shopping. The company has own mobile and web applications, integration with many services.

Krainet team is developing and supporting of digital environment of the company. Our specialists are involved in development, analysis, testing and project development, including internal and external integrations.

Our software solutions allow to work with large attendance and load on the system. We can work with large volumes of products and customer data. We can create the selling UX/UI and many other.

We should also mention our specialists made payment integration with WeChat and opportuinity to work with audience from China (including creation versions in Chinese).

We are ready to cooperate. You may fill form on the page ‘Contacts’ and our managers will be available to answer any questions.